A three act, 90 minute historical play

The Citizen, The Flapper, The Professor


Women of Arizona explores the lives of three women who came to Arizona in the late1800's and early 1900's.   Act One shares the life of The Citizen, Sarah Bowman, in a fun-filled, bawdy display of courage in the face of daunting adversity as she follows her military husband to Fort Yuma.  Act Two chronicles The Flapper, Peg Jenson's experiences when she comes to Payson to rescue her pilot husband and a circus lion from a publicity stunt that went terribly wrong.  Act Three involves The Professor, Louise Marshall, who came to Tucson for her health, becomes the richest woman in Arizona, marries a swashbuckling miner and is accused of murdering him.

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A youth play

Caroline, Banner of Freedom


Based on real people and incidents, this sixty minute play for young and middle school audiences is about a fourteen-year old girl, Caroline Pickersgill, who helps her mother in a flag-making business.  On August 24, 1814, the bustling port of Baltimore discovers that the British Army has attacked and burned Washington D.C. When Baltimore realizes it will be the next city to be attacked by the British, Caroline and her cousins, Eliza, fourteen and Ben, fifteen are swept into the city's frantic fears and preparations as it tries to defend itself against the well-equipped British Army.

Caroline is proud of her part in helping make the flag flying over Fort McHenry but soon experiences the bombardment of the fort and the attack on their city. She learns what happens to Francis Scott Key and how he created our national anthem.  Caroline and her cousins approach the challenges they face in different ways and learn what it's like to fight for one's country and to discover whether they and their flag will survive.

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A one-act contemporary comedy

The Bed
One-act historical play

Never Say No to Johnny

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